Sports palace history

Construction of the palace started on November 2, 2005. The constructors had a goal to build the venue in less than a year. After a 21-year break, Ice Hockey World Championships was planned to be held in Moscow on April 2007.

Grand opening ceremony with the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov took place on December 15, 2006. Head of Federal Agency of Physical Training and Sport Viacheslav Fetisov, Ice Hockey Federation of Russia President Vladislav Tretiak, Honorary President of Russian Olympic Committee Vitali Smirnov, IIHF President René Fasel took part in the official ceremony.

The shape of the building resembles a rotor or propeller. Its cylindrical core of 120 meters in diameter surrounded by spiral ramps expanding downward from the roof with a height of 40 meters. The trajectory of the ramps is followed by translucent canopies going into the roof overhangs. Colour palate of the palace reminds the Russian state flag. The cylindrical building facade with white and grey metal panels is hidden behind ramps and canopies of red and blue colour from the opposite sides.

The ramps are a distinctive feature of the venue. Siting of the entrances, halls and lobbies they create traffic paths along the ramps. They have a variable width from 30 meters below to 5-6 meters as they go up. Such a configuration corresponds to the spectator’s traffic distribution as they go up and down by using the ramps. Thus the building gets additional expression, distinctiveness and efficiency. This solution allows evacuating all people in the venue in just 10-15 minutes.

The ramps never have ice built-up in winter as their surfaces are heated. This idea is unique and implemented here for the first time.

История Дворца спорта Мегаспорт

Main arena

The venue fascinates with its festive look. Remarkable floating ceiling, LED video cube looking like a grand chandelier, surprising highlighting, and multicoloured seats create the effect of a miracle. Bleachers comprise 14000 seats. Area of the ice is 1800 sqm (60mx30m). The arena is a round shape (only 4-5 comparable venues in the world) with only 10% of side seats.

After a transformation, the venue can host for instance boxing or gymnastics competitions. By adding the stalls seats it is possible to boost the capacity for up to another 2500 spectators.

Video cube

Unique multipurpose video cube is installed under the dome of the venue. Video system which is a technological masterpiece of art was designed and installed by Slovak Colosseo Company leading on the market and having implemented its project in Russia, not for the first time.

The video cube boasts of rounded edges allowing to create a continuous LED screen. Above and below the main screen are additional ribbon boards. The LED canvas totals 162.4 sqm making the “Megasport” video cube the biggest in Europe.

The video cube provides spectators with deeper immersion into sport competition or entertainment experience and feels like its direct participant.

Ice making

Our specialists developed methods of ice freezing and ice structuring with given physical and mechanical properties for different sports – hockey, figure skating, curling and others. Our unique method of ice surface creation is patented.

Process of ice preparation starts with concrete slab cooling. It is very important that the cooling goes gradually without bounces of the temperature.

The second important stage is water treatment. The water goes through special purification from mineral impurities up to 95-98%. The technology is based on analysis and experimental approbation of some groups and classes of chemical compounds providing an optimal recipe to get quality ice. Each sport has its own optimal combination of agents for that.

No less important is the ice treatment stage consisting of the special air circulation pattern and achievement of targeted humidity parameters to maintain the necessary inner environment. After the slab preparation and water treatment, the ice resurfacing is started. The whole process takes up to five days. Upper layers are flooded with the water by resurfacer Olympia. The machine cuts the upper layer of the ice surface, pours the water over and even washes the ice.

Present time

Currently, Megasport is the biggest indoor arena in Moscow with a capacity of more than 16000 spectators. The venue hosts more than 100 events annually.

Megasport school has sports classes in figure skating and short-track. Moskalev Mikhail Valerievich is the Director-General of the venue from the year 2016.

Дворец спорта Мегаспорт
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